Architectural Daylighting Solution

Don’t you want the inside of your building to be experienced through bright, full-spectrum sunlight during the day?

Architectural There are two ways to incorporate Ciralight Global’s high-performance daylighting into your building: Retrofitting units into an existing roof, or including them in a new construction project. Let our experience help you out.

Architectural Daylighting Solution

Our team will strive to make your vision a reality by working together to plan and design the best daylighting option for your project. Alongside a Ciralight representative, we can work with your architects, engineers, coordinators, lighting designers, interior designers, contractors, and in-house staff to help bring some daylight into your plans. After discussing your lighting needs, goals, and budget, our professionals will create a comprehensive layout that specifies the appropriate number and spacing of skylights for your roof.

Together, let’s bring vibrant, fully-functional sunlight into your building and turn artificial lights off during the daytime.

Ciralight Global’s Affiliations and Memberships Include…

ICC Member Energy Star Partner Daylighting Collaborative


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