Commercial/ Industrial Daylighting Solutions

In a world of razor-thin margins, Daylighting is an upgrade that will cut utility costs drastically while improving the quality of the indoor environment too.

Commercial / Industrial At the A-1 Cold Storage warehouse near Los Angeles International Airport, Ciralight’s SunTracker units pour in so much daylight that their electric lighting, standard four-foot long fluorescent lamps, can be turned off completely. The skylights are so effective that A-1 turns off every row of the office's lights at 9 a.m. and switches them back on at 5 p.m. In the winter, when the sun sets earlier, they're turned back on between 3-4 p.m. Their warehouse in back also follows a similar daylighting schedule.

Reduced Operating Costs
Approximately two-thirds of all electricity in traditional buildings is dedicated to lights, fans, and cooling.1 The Department of Energy says daylighting can reduce artificial lighting energy use in lighted buildings by 75 – 80%. The reported energy cost savings have ranged from 50 – 93%.2

Incorporating Smart Skylights into new construction can actually lower many initial capital costs due to a smaller electrical load and a lower number of electrical lighting fixtures to maintain. Then begin to factor reductions in size and cost of HVAC operations, plus reductions in maintenance costs, and active daylighting becomes even more opportune for your business than first thought.

Reduced Error and Accident Rates
“Scrap Rate” is a measurable percentage of product/performance that is discarded and wasted due to quality control issues. One well-documented cause of high error rates is low work surface light. Active daylighting is the perfect solution.

Commercial/ Industrial Daylighting Solutions

The human eye can recognize many more colors and shades under daylight than under artificial light sources. Daylight also increases depth perception and peripheral vision, thereby helping to avoid accidents around the workplace and saving on workers compensation.

Since daylight is the only type of light that can fully activate and balance the circadian clock of the human body, workers who spend their daytime hours under daylight report fewer sleep related problems during the workday. A fully rested employee under natural lighting conditions makes fewer mistakes than a tired employee working under artificial lighting.

Reduced Absenteeism
Employers who have installed diffused daylighting systems see enhanced productivity in the work place along with significant reductions in absenteeism – upwards of 15-40%.3 When morale rises due to the introduction of daylight in the workplace, employees become less apt to call out from work.

2: Federal Energy Management Program Newsletter, March/April 2002
3: A Literature Review of the Effects of Natural Light on Building Occupants. Edwards & Torcellini, National Renewable Energy Laboratory. July 2002. Pg 14.

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