Educational Daylighting Solutions

Daylighting makes the grade in schools. Children intuitively know daylight is good for them and respond accordingly.

Health Care Daylighting in schools has been proven to significantly increase students' test scores and promote better health and physical development.

An extensive study conducted by the Heschong Mahone Group analyzed the test scores of more than 21,000 students in three school districts in California (Capistrano), Washington (Seattle), and Colorado (Fort Collins). The study showed that students with the highest quality daylighting in their classrooms “progressed 20% faster on math tests and 26% faster on reading tests in one year when compared to students in the least daylit classrooms.”1

Another study conducted in North Carolina compared the test scores for over 1,200 students in daylit schools to the test scores of students in the county as a whole. Findings showed that students who attended schools in daylit classrooms outperformed the students in non-daylit classrooms by 5-14%.2

Educational Daylighting Solutions

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory reports that researchers in Sweden have concluded "work in classrooms without daylight may upset the basic hormone pattern of growing children, influencing the children's ability to concentrate or cooperate, and also eventually have an impact on annual physical development, health, and absenteeism.”2

These findings are not only favorable for students (and their parents) but also for the schools as well, who often receive funding from state and federal boards based on student performance and annual attendance; both of which are optimized by Ciralight Global’s active daylighting systems.

1: Heschong Mahone Group, "Daylighting in Schools" Report (
2: National Renewable Energy Laboratory Report, " Daylighting in Schools: Improving Student Performance and Health at a Price Schools can Afford, "2000.

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