Health Care Daylighting Solution

Save your patients time and money while also reducing their pain and increasing the quality of their stay by filling recovery rooms with rich, natural daylight.

Health Care It’s been proven that outdoor views and daylighing can greatly increase patient well being by “reducing stress and anxiety, lowering blood pressure, improving recovery, lessening the need for pain medication, and bringing about shorter hospital stays.”1

Though there are many components to daylight that affect the quality of our indoor and outdoor environments, a study by Texas A&M University’s College of Architecture “shows consistently positive associations of increased daylight levels with shorter hospitalizations.”2 This same study also notes that none of the hospital wards having low daylight led to a shorter stay by patients.

Health Care Daylighting Solutions

Not only does daylight help recovery after illness or injury, physically and psychologically, it is also a preventative health measure too. Moderate levels of daylight have been found to help prevent and/or reduce the symptoms of eyestrain (breakdown of vision; irritation; headaches), sleep disorders, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), skin tissue conditions (psoriasis; eczema), anxiety, depression, and vitamin D deficiency, to name a few.3

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