Q. Are Ciralight skylights curb mounted or self-flashing?

All Ciralight skylights are curb mounted.

Q. Are the lightwells included in the system?

No. Lightwells are purchased as a separate cost based on their varying sizes.

Q. Are there any condensation problems?

A. No. The Ciralight system is completely sealed. The dome design allows for any moisture to be whisked out through the moisture releasing weep holes and sponges in the skylight frame.

Q. Can a Ciralight system be installed on a pitched roof?

A. Yes. Though the skylight must be level, the curbs are built like a chimney according to the pitch of the roof to make sure the unit sits upright.

Q. Can Ciralight’s daylighting system be piped down to lower floors of a multi story building?

A. There is currently no cost effective technology available to deliver adequate daylighting to the lower floors of a multi story building.

Q. Can someone fall through a Ciralight Skylight?

A. Extremely unlikely. The dome can support 400 lbs of weight and due to the shape and configuration of the dome it is nearly impossible to fall directly on top of it.

Q. Do the domes need to be cleaned?

A. Not necessarily, as seasonal rains are often sufficient for cleaning the domes of dust and smog debris.

Q. Do you have existing customers that have used your system over time?

A. Yes. There are thousands of systems installed throughout the country of different generations over the last 10 years.

Q. Does Ciralight Global do the installation?

A. No. We are not a contractor. We use certified installers throughout the country that adhere to the specifications set out by Ciralight.

Q. Does daylighting provide other benefits other than energy savings?

A. Yes. The health and performance benefits of daylighting are well documented. Depending on the type of facility you have, there are reports of additional benefits such as improved sales, enhanced employee satisfaction, reduced absenteeism, and increased worker productivity. See our Why Daylighting section for more information regarding these, and other, benefits.

Q. Does the building become less secure if I use your daylighting system?

A. No. The application of optional burglar bars ensures there is no loss in security.

Q. Does the Ciralight system generate electricity?

A. No. The system does however dramatically reduce the amount of electricity used during peak demand hours.

Q. How do you determine where the units are installed and how many?

A. The customer’s light needs are calculated and Ciralight creates a design using pre-recorded photometrics, taking into account space coverage and ceiling height, to determine the best layout for the space to be daylit.

Q. How does the Ciralight system work?

A. A Solar-Powered, GPS Controller figures out where the skylight is to track the sun, rotating mirrors to redirect the sunlight, and transmits this light indoors from dawn to dusk.

Q. How does the unit track the sun?

A. Once the unit has received enough solar power to turn on, the controller programs itself with the latitude and longitude of the unit and uses real-time calculation to determine the suns position in the sky.

Q. How far down does the lens protrude into the space?

A. In most cases the lens at the bottom of the lightwell comes down 8"-12" into the space, depending on the application.

Q. How high is the curb on the roof?

A. A minimum curb height is usually 8”-12.” In high snow areas they can be as high 3' to allow for snow loads. Each installation varies depending on the local conditions and legal requirements.

Q. How long does it take to install a Smart Skylight system?

A. Installation time varies depending on accessibility, installation type (new build; retrofit), and the needs of the facility.

Q. How much light does a Ciralight system provide?

A. Each unit is equivalent to 800 watts of fluorescent lighting.

Q. If I install Ciralight’s Smart Skylights, will it void my roof warranty?

A. No. We work with the company that warrantees your roof to insure that you are in total compliance. In most cases they will be the ones that do the flashing of all the openings during installation.

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