Ciralight's SunTracker -- Product Parts

Below is a complete list of product parts that make a complete SunTracker skylight unit.


GPS 2.0

Ciralight's GPS Controller is the brain behind the skylight. Utilizing Solar-Power with it's photovoltaic panel, the GPS Controller recognizes it's location on Earth and rotates a Mirror Array to face the sun and direct it's light indoors throughout the day.



Assembly Frame

The Assembly Frame is the intermediary between the roof curb and the dome assembly. Sitting atop the Curb, the Assembly Frame holds the Dome firmly in place and the GPS and Mirrors secure while keeping all external elements outside.



Mirror Array

Rotating within the Dome throughout the day is the Mirror Array. Reflecting direct sunlight through the Top and Bottom Diffuser Lenses, the highly-reflective Mirrors make the Suntracker the most efficient skylight on the market. Pictured at right is the Triple Mirror Array; Single Mirror Array also available.




Bottom Diffuser Lenses


Pyramid Lens

Our Pyramid Lens gives a building interior a beautiful, evenly lit room at every angle. Available in Acrylic and Polycarbonate, the Pyramid Lower Lens is an aesthetic answer for any ceiling's daylighting needs. Dimensions: 45 3/4" x 45 3/4" Pyramid Lens PDF



Low Ceiling Lens

The Low Ceiling Lens is suitable for ceilings of 12 feet or less. The Low Ceiling Lens is meant to diffuse more light than our Pyramid Lens, which may be too bright for use in classrooms and office spaces. Also, the design allows for daylight to reach further corners of an interior space without needing the extra room height for dispersal. Dimensions: 45 3/4" x 45 3/4" Low Ceiling Lens PDF






The Lightwell works to transfer the sunlight from the Mirror Array into a building's interior using it's highly-reflective glazing to transmit abundant daylight from the outdoor to the indoors. Lightwells are available in a variety of lengths and can be adjusted to meet various design needs.





Burglar Bars

Burglar Bars ensure that your building remains safe while having fenestrations throughout your roof. Protect your building interior from intruders while still keeping them open for sunlight with the inclusion of Burglar Bars to your Suntracker units.


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