New Orleans Healing Center

"A simple web search for sun-tracker skylights found Ciralight. A few individual sites also showed up. One, A Greener NJ, LLC, seemed passionate about sustainable daylight. A few months passed with correspondence and calls back and forth and the goal began to materialize. Dave [Ward] not only managed to have the four Suntrackers designed to fit our structural situation but discounted them even after considerable customization, then flew to New Orleans to oversee the installation and take light readings to verify their performance.

The center only has four of these superb elementary light devises and we would have gotten 10 more if the insight and knowledge of their benefit was realized earlier. In time, when the budget allows, hopefully we'll catch up on the obvious missing ones. Anna Morris in her Movement Room dance studio and Sean Johnson in his Wild Lotus Yoga studio are beneficiaries along with everyone else of Ciralight's love of light. All who come in contact with the sheer simplicity of these light transmitters are touched by them.

The Healing Center, a restoration of an old furniture showroom, which started off as a dark gloomy building is now blessed to have in it's repertoire, genuine mood-trackers as part of it's new vibe. How the Movement Room...the day of installation to watch the lumens pulsate with each passing cloud as the light danced. Thank you Ciralight for enhancing a project meant to touch lives. Please spread these healing devises far and wide. Thank you Dave for your sustainable vision which you bring so passionately and offer so generously."

Bill Ludwig

VP of Operations, Burns-Scalo Roofing

"Overall it is a very aesthetically pleasing product both on the roof and inside. It is amazing how it can draw from very low levels of sunlight and it is still bright long after the other skylights have gotten dark. It produces a very nice soft but intense light and has received rave comments and lots of interest from clients doing our roof tour."

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