Active Daylighting

Active Daylighting: Don’t be fooled: Not all "Daylighting" solutions are the same.

Active Daylighting95% of available systems are passive in nature - meaning they use static, non-moving/tracking systems unable to adjust for the sun’s angle throughout the day; creating uneven lighting, roaming hot spots, and obtrusive glare.

Active Daylighting System

Active Daylighting is a system that mechanically tracks the sun throughout the day and redirects sunlight inside buildings at an intensity that allows artificial lighting to be turned off. Ciralight's active daylighting system significantly out performs passive systems when comparing the amount of daylight directed into a building; upwards of 300% more.

What does this mean?

  • Active Daylighting brings in bright, natural sunlight indoors enhances human health and experience
  • Active Daylighting's sustainable design increases ‘green’ economic incentives and savings
  • Active Daylighting reduces electrical dependence and boosts environmental accountability

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