What is Daylighting?

What is Daylighting? Daylighting is the art and science of bringing sunlight indoors.

What Is Daylighting The increased visibility of the term "daylighting" in our lexicon could allow one to claim daylighting as the newest and hottest topic in the green building movement. Though it may be true that daylighting is becoming an increasingly hot topic, it’s certainly nothing new, having been around since the first man carved a hole out of a solid wall to welcome in the sun.

What is Daylighting?

While technology has changed over time, all buildings receive varying amounts of sunlight from windows or skylights, but the designation 'daylit,' however, specifically refers to buildings designed or retrofitted to exercise daylight as an effective lighting source.

Until recently, daylighting has been a very passive technique, with most skylights and windows acting only as a lens between the outdoors and indoors. Today, Ciralight has the innovative technology to actively bring vibrant sunlight into a building in the most cost effective manner possible.

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